WineVDM - a way to run 16-bit apps on 64-bit Windows

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As the title says WineVDM allows you to run 16-bit apps on 64-bit Windows.
DL link:
Microsoft Visual C++ Redist (download x86 only!):
Video by Micheal MJD:
Screenshot of Chip's Challenge running on Windows 10 x64 build 18305:


  • Can it run Microsoft BOB? The last time I tried with Wine technology, BOB was not quite working.

    Don't forget that Windows 10 32-bit has built in support for DOS and Windows 3.x applications.

  • I've tried to run Bob under this but no success (I used Gateway 2000 CD version)
    I've tried to run Setup (it gives this error):

    Note: The WineVDM files are located in C:\Windows\NTVDM in my case (I moved them there manually), and also I couldn't find the file it was asking for in the Bob files
    I've also tried to run Microsoft Bob directly from \HOME\HOME.exe and it gives this error:

    Then I copied all the dlls from the root of the ISO to the HOME folder and it created the "icache" folder, but nothing else.
    Then I decided to try running HOME.EXE with the CMD version of WineVDM and it gave this output:

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    Good thing Calmira works. All you need to do is change the default shell in the registry and Windows 8.x/10 should be much easier to work with, if you can still do that.

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