Classic Windows: Which is your favorite?



  • It monochrome or just greyscale?

    greyscale is like being color blind, you just have different shades of grey. (Ex 16.7M colors = 16.7M shades of grey) But I bet its no more than EGA
  • Hmmm... cool. Funny how simple those paint progs were... even how paint is today... yet I can edit video on my digital camera nowdays.

    Maybe we'll get an updated paint in LH!
  • from 1992 - 2001, the only thing in paint that changed was being able to use other format besides Bitmap, and even then all you had to do was instal Office
  • @ least they FINALLY fixed Notepad so it could save more then 65K files.

  • LOL, Thats why you just Wordpad :-P
  • WordPad is some cheap ripoff of Office Word. Notepad 4 ever!

  • I have Czech version of Windows for Worgroups 3.11, Windows 95 A... so if you want it, i can get it for you for upload :)

    and sorry for my english, but I'm slovak :D
  • Windowsall wrote:
    Hey I have a Tandy 1500HD Laptop and i installed Dos 5 and Winows 1.01 and it works great! Not as many errors as i thought there would!

    MS-DOS 5 runs Windows 1.x? I though it only ran on MS-DOS 4 or earlier and I don't think 4 even installs!
  • 5.0 or below for Windows 1.x/2.x/286/386.

  • I suggest you look up "Duff" in the userslist and Email or IM him and see if he can get those off you. If not, I can set up something for you to upload them.
    mmxkiller wrote:
    and sorry for my english, but I'm slovak :D

    Don't worry, it's near perfect.

  • i have 2 favorites wfw3.1x and windows 2.x 1.x isnt that great i have used
  • I've always enjoyed Windows For Workgroups 3.11 myself. smile.gif

  • OK when an old thread could just as easily be recreated, I suggest you do so. In this instance, it would prevent alot of confusion between the past and present.

  • Wow, old thread.

    Hey! where is the options for NT 3.x!
  • This is the "Classic" Windows thread, so they didn't belong (I'm assuming).

  • Windows 3.1. My dad loved it. So do I.
  • I like windows 3.1x but did like windows 3.0 because you can run it off of a floppy. It runs in real mode off a floppy. I tried to put windows 3.1 on a floppy with not that much success.
  • And I like Windows 3.0x. I think this better than Windows 3.1x.

  • Win98 SE. It was the first I ever used :)

  • Windows 95 OSR 2.x. Not nearly as bloated and unstable as 98/Me, but still comes with FAT32 and DMA support. Zips along on a Pentium MMX and above.

    NT 4 is also good and deserved higher DX support than version 3 (or unofficially 5). NT 5.x brought good gaming support to that branch of Windows and are even better (especially 5.0 and 5.2) but aren't classic yet.

  • Windows for Workgroups 3.11 actually, with Windows 95 coming up a close second. I'm a big fan of an O/S with text configuration files that is just an O/S and not some kind of "all-in-one-solution". I also still use both of those frequently - there's a reason my 486 is very close in usage to my daily driver. I also like no browser embedded on either - I use Toastytech modified Seamonkey on 95, and Opera 3.62 on WFWG.

    Also, what's kind of odd is both of them seem strangely more stable now than they were for me 15 years ago, and far more capable than I once thought with all the obscure old software that does stuff modern PC's do on old hardware either coming out or being rediscovered. Either that or I've just become very good at getting them to run extremely well since the 2000s.

  • Wow, old thread. (History repeats itself, apparently I posted the same thing in 2007...)

    I guess my answer now would be 95C (OSR 2.5). Better support for everything 95 could support and still suitably classic. Gotta add the Plus! pack as well.

    NT 4 is probably a close second though. All the lovely stability of an NT kernel, but lacking when it came to some game support.

    I do have some nostalgia for the old 3.x / NT 3.x interface though. However, I also remember hating it back in the day because I was used to the new explorer interface. I spent a lot of time hunting down alternative shells because I found Program Manager to be lacking. Wayfarer and Calmira were two of my favorites. Towards the end of my usage of Windows 3.1, I had Calmira with Mask98 installed to make it as close to Windows 95 as I could get. That was back before I knew the joys of piracy and I didn't have a copy of Windows 95. I also didn't really have enough memory or disk space to run it. That changed later on though, which is actually part of the reason I joined this forum.

  • Wow, this is an old thread. How are we defining "classic" Windows? MS-DOS based only? or can it be NT also? I'd say 95B or NT4.

  • IMO it could be also an NT based OS

  • I love Windows 98. (Assuming 98lite was used to replace the 98 shell with the 95 shell and remove IE) It has a great deal of sentimental value for me. I always find the infamous login bug to be rather amusing. Never do your taxes on 98! :p

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