Install Windows NT Ver.3.51 Or Later on android

Did you Wonder how to run versions of windows nt on android? If so,you can install it by downloading these emulators:Limbo x86 pc emulator,or bochs,in this tutorial,i will be using limbo for this,steps: 1.Download Limbo Pc emulator from the official website [DO NOT DOWLOAD LATEST VERSION SINCE IT HAS PROBLEMS]Just Download Version 3.0.0 On archived apk's, 2.Download the desired windows nt version [3.1, 3.5, 3.51, 4.0]. 3: Install And Open limbo and configure limbo using the following steps: cpu: 486 Or pentium [Pentium MMX]. Machine type:pc,pc-i440fx [you can find a driver for the i440fx online] ram:32mb hard disk: 5 gb [PARTITION IT TO 2GB] CDrom drive {OPTINAL IF YOU ARE INSTALING CD VERSION] Floopy disk a:yes floopy b: no sd card: no 4.insert disk 1 img image on to floppy disk a: and follow the install instructions card: std,cirrus [RECOMMENDED] VMWARE [FASTER] to install video drivers to get native performance,install vbe miniport driver or ciruus logic 5446 driver for cirrus. 6.sound card sb16 [Sound Blaster 16] GUS [ Gravis Ultrasond] pcspk [PC speaker] 6.enjoy windows nt installed on android without your android os replaced.


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