[OFFER] Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2004 (CD-ROM) (OEM)

edited January 2019 in Offers & Requests

This is an offer of Encarta 2004 standard, compatible with Windows 98 and above, disc 4 of the Microsoft Works Suite 2004 (only other disc I have is the run CD-ROM for Streets and Trips), distributed as part of Dell's typical array of bloatware/semi-crapware.

It's not really different from my Encarta 98, which came with a Compaq Presario that was replaced by the Dell in question.

I haven't put up a link yet because I'm not exactly sure as to its admissibility on Winworld. Office 2000+ and XP+ aren't allowed, but on the other hand Works 9.0 is, and Encarta has since been depreciated by Wikipedia.


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