[REQUEST] AutoPlay Menu Studio 1.x-2.x + other old autorun menu software

AutoPlay Menu Studio is interesting for being one of earliest, if not THE earliest, applications specifically for creating autorun menus for Windows CD-ROMs. It has a fun PowerPoint/Visual Basic/Macromedia Director feel to it.

Any competing software from the late 1990s would also be very cool.




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    AutoPlay Menu Studio 2.04 Pro is on Twilight 38, disc 2.

    I think I saw similar software on other twilights but I can't remember.

    I love niche win9x-era software!

  • A program for making autorun menus? Used to do that in Visual Basic 3 - at least until people started requiring 32-bit EXEs and bloated VB 4 and later required that runtime files be installed rather than just a DLL sitting in the same folder as the EXE.

  • @0fcaa5 said:
    Any competing software from the late 1990s would also be very cool.

    I am not sure if this is correct or my memory tricks me:
    The Nero Burning ROM software suite had a autostart "generator".

    Or maybe I am wrong and mixing it with a video cd/dvd menu generator? Very vague memories on this... I tried such a thing back then, but was disappointed by it's results and abandoned generators, that's why my memory is not good on this...

    I went on to use VisualBasic to display a picture and draw a few buttons. As I was into VB I got a acceptable result very quickly.
    Today I would use dev-c++ and write a simple SDL app. Way more easy and less code compared to native windows picture/button/windowing functions.
    Even more easy and quicker to a result: FreeBASIC

  • I've also come across a few autoplay menus made in DemoShield. And here is version 6 on disc 1 of this compilation:

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