Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.12 for the Tandy 2000

Looks like I'm the first person to successfully break the copy protection on this, and I've got the .IMD file ready to upload. Looks like y'all took away the ability to upload at will, so here's my fork on github containing the image I created and relevant notes: Flight Simulator 26-5379


  • Thanks very much.
    I also have this disk for Tandy 1000/1200HD

  • It looks like that is supposed to be a 40 track (48tpi) disk, but you read all 80 tracks and picked up all of the invalid odd tracks. You should probably redump and retest using double stepping.

    I was under the impression the Tandy 2000 version would use 96tpi (80 track/quad density 720k) media, but if it is also compatible with the Tandy 1000 then it would have to be standard 48 tpi double density 360k.

  • Not sure what happened here, but the image file did not work.

  • They dumped all tracks in an 80 track drive including invalid odd tracks (this is a 40 track 48tpi disk). Try the corrected version posted here:

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