Adobe Creative Cloud is the worst multimedia software ever!

Not everyone can afford an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription,
so it's time for Adobe Systems to restart the development of Creative Suite 7!


  • Or better, people should be getting GIMP and Inkscape free of charge.

  • I don’t think you understand WHY Adobe moved to “Creative Cloud”. The entire point was to lock people in to a subscription model and squeeze out more money. They can’t do that with a proper desktop application. This way they never have to add things or innovate ever again.

    What people should understand is that Adobe and “the cloud” has sucked everyone back to the 1970’s mainframe timeshare services of old. The entire POINT of the personal computer revolution was to get rid of exactly this kind of shit.

    Unfortunately, Gimp and Inkscape won’t cut it. I think we need something new and clean from a new company. But everyone is afraid of investing in proper traditional computer application development.

    Adobe simply needs to die.

  • I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and see no reason to upgrade. I'll likely use it until I'm 80. Same with Paint Shop Pro 7. I'll never buy any piece of subscription-based software. Not Office, not Adobe Creative Crap, not Windows 10.

    Why not find a copy of CS5 or CS6? Is there some feature you really need on the new version that isn't on the slightly older one?

  • Creative Cloud doesn't run in the cloud, it's just a subscription model to push out the latest updates when they're available. It's still a regular application installed on your local PC.

    Adobe's new model makes the most sense if you were the type of person that had to have the latest versions of their software. With how much you'd wind up shelling out for the latest and greatest versions, the subscription model could actually wind up saving you money. You also do get a lot for what you pay for.

    That being said, I'm not a fan of subscription models for software. I much prefer a lifetime license. Just give me a key I can use forever on as many machines as I want without dealing with activation and I'm a happy camper. But companies don't care for that.

    As for the cloud in general, I'm actually a fan of cloud computing. I'm especially a fan of it when it's my own cloud and I control it. I really prefer things running on or syncing to servers. That way the workstation can be essentially disposable. Though, these days the servers are also disposable. Physical machines just run the VMs, so they can be easily replaced and the VMs, when properly set up for a cloud deployment, can be torn down and re-provisioned on the fly, automagically.

  • Yep, its a scam. The 'cloud' is a security hazard as well. Not that one would be doing anything sensitive with Adobe software (Maybe unreleased movie leaks?) but the possibility of data being stolen from the cloud is very real.

    I personally use CS6, the only problem with it so far is that Premire Pro CS6 does not support 4k@60fps and I have been unable to find a plugin to allow it to encode h.265 or any other 4k capable encoder.

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    I think we need something new and clean from a new company.

    I think we've got our perpetually-licenced competition:

    70 CAD. I'm sure Photoshop was never that cheap!

    There is also an Illustrator replacement, Affinity Designer. Serif's InDesign replacement, Affinity Publisher is currently in beta and is freely available right now.

    I did like GIMP 2.6.x and 2.8.x but 2.10 changed many things around. :(

  • @win32 said:
    I did like GIMP 2.6.x and 2.8.x but 2.10 changed many things around. :(

    Such as?

    Well, good thing I still have 2.8 then (even if it's only for working with my photos).

  • Yeah should've seen my face when I heard the news Adobe acquired Allegorthmic. Good substance painting software, still one of the few with a perpetual license.
    Goodbye Allegorithmic, you'll probably wind up in another "Creative Cloud" shitshow...

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    @Bry89 said:

    @win32 said:
    I did like GIMP 2.6.x and 2.8.x but 2.10 changed many things around. :(

    Such as?

    Well, good thing I still have 2.8 then (even if it's only for working with my photos).

    In terms of interface. I wanted to do a simple "lasso" operation I believe (something I'd done a few times with ease in the previous versions), but it took me several more clicks than in the previous versions. It also seemed a little more cluttered than previous versions.

    I just put 2.10 on my Windows 7 install (now long gone) for a lark; I had older Photoshop/PSP releases on my win9x/2k machines. I only used it when I was too lazy to drag out the thinkpads.

    The earlier releases were loaded onto my school board-issued MacBook many years ago and predates a time where I really started to collect abandonware which meant I did use them more often.

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    The last time I tried Adobe CC, I was disappointed that they converted the suite into a kind of coin swallowing machine, you have to be subject to the cloud to download what was predetermined in Adobe Creative Suite. So basic things that I must have dependence on the internet. I remember the Photoshop CC. I was disappointed that all the predetermined repertoire of brushes, styles, etc. was missing. I must depend on the cloud to obtain them and be careful if they ask you for money to obtain the templates that come by default. What a mess.

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    And then there's the "Elements" I remember they were selling. Are they still selling that garbage?
    It was soooo scaled back compared to even photoshop 7. Its only plus was that it is a perpetual license during the time Adobe was moving to their subscription lifestyle. I guess they mean what they say with "elements."

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