[OFFER] Sensei Calculus for Windows 3.x

While I initially inquired for this piece of software thinking that it had a primitive CAS engine to make basic calculus operations (it did not have one), the disappointment didn't prevent me from seeing the other oddities this programs holds. Sensei Calculus is an interactive coursebook on calculus that doesn't make a math engine. It appears to be completely hard-coded as the values that are allowed to be given as input in the exercises are limited. Interestingly enough, it doesn't actually require Windows to pre-installed in the computer despite running on Windows, as it comes with a minor installation of the Windows 2.1 runtime on the disk. Didn't expect to see the runtime bundled with a program as obscure as this. Saw it in the LGR's library while peddling around and asked him to upload it on the Internet Archive. I didn't find much out of it, but if you're Broderbund edutainment fan, here's the link:



  • Thanks for inform the link.

    I also have package of it with 5.25MB media.
    But this product includes Windows 2.1x on each disks.

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