IRIX images are a train wreck

I have IRIX 6.2 on my machine and have downloaded 6.5 as well as 6.5.22 from WinWorld. 6.5.22 is full of errors and 6.5 is not a stand alone version that can just be installed. I'd have thought someone would have tested these packages.


  • Out of curiosity, what kind of errors do you see?

    Unfortunately, this happens too often. Very few people have hardware that can run Irix. I certainly don't. Sometimes someone just dumps an old, damaged, CD or floppy and errors go unnoticed. I try to validate products where I can, but sometimes all we can do is post something and hope someone tries it eventually.

    If you have CDs of any of these products please do provide a redump.

  • In the end I managed to cobble together a set of discs and a procedure that will work to fully install IRIX 6.5.22. It requires seven of the disc images you have. The errors were random and perhaps down to needing to use slower burning speeds and high quality media. I've lost track of whether I ended up using your images or not.

  • Hi NetCreature.

    Could you provide the installation you created to this site?

    I'm languishing on Irix 5.3 on both my Indy and Indigo2.


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