eBay idiots

I'm not sure who is more lame. This idiot who seems to be selling a "download" from Winworld, or the idiots who would actually buy it because they don't know how to use a search engine.



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    There's also a few of these for older versions of Windows.


    338 sold? No way this dude could be hoarding so many licences for the third most-expensive Windows desktop release ever. The disclaimer says he'll offer a broken motherboard to validate the OEM licence but I'm not going to spend 50 CAD to spin the wheel.

    He also offers XP Pro with Office XP, and does not provide the product keys with it. "activated for life" to boot. Smells like "corporate" edition!

  • For the software, they are likely illegally selling vol keys as you pointed out.

    And that image came straight off winworld. They even copypastad the downloads description into theirs.
    How'd you find this?

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    It just came up as a new item listing in the vintage computing section. Hmm, if i knew for sure they were just blindly directly linking, I'd replace the link contents with the Goatse guy. :p

    Also, Windows 2000 can take any valid key since it does not need activation. If they were selling used physical certificates of authenticity, that would be one thing. They could just be giving everyone the same key.

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