MS Windows Security Update CD February 2004 + Imagine 4 DOS

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Hi and Happy New Year.
I have the italian version of MS Windows Security Update CD February 2004.
It contains some OS updates: Widnows 98 SE 4.10.2222B and Windows ME 4.90.3000A and more.

There is the english version here:

Plus I have Imagine 4.0 DOS version (magazine CD)

If useful Let me know if I can upload them
(MS Windows Security Update CD February 2004 Italian and Imagine 4 iso CD)
and where please.

I need IMAGINE 4.0 dos guide if possible and the old MS ftp library:


  • I'm looking for the updates of Win9x in all languages. Please share the security update CD, to dropbox or mega if possible. Thank you very much!

    For the FTP of MS, it is not accessible since 2015 but there is a mirror by some nice people and it can be accessed here:

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    Hi. Thank You for links.!Rp51GYpJ!2j94IwfbpAZDuZ228moRLms942n8tSQ6l6jG6LFFeZs!4s4l0SQB!giEC3_mz6mjyMLgq4pNasBHoKmPiPvJ3L0QeuRW1Kjc!0wpzyY6Y!Hljr1bmGbuePFjzSjKDJxUHM8jIj9DaBjqVlus2PfRY


    When done let me know please so I delete the files. They are only updates but I dont know if they are under copyright. Time ago I asked to MEGA if I could load Windows XP updates and I was said no. :(

    A friend of mine was trashing a PC but I asked him to let me have it instead. It had Windows XP recovery CD. Fortunately I had a dvd made with offine installer with Windows XP updates (ITA). I used Windows Update today and still it downloaded some updates (I dont know why it still works). Comodo Internet Security works.

    I went to MS site for checking some office 2003 updates. I found some and some linked to not found page.


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    Thank you very much!
    I have downloaded the files but I think the updates can be shared on the web since the you will need a valid license to install them.

    Yes the update mechanism in XP is still working, but due to the upcoming change to the update delivery for Windows and WSUS within this year, there is a possibility that the Windows Update website for XP and Server 2003 will stop working.

    Many of the Office 2003 updates are already removed from the MS Download Center, but you can still get them from the Windows Update.

  • Np. Bye.
    (sorry i didnt reply b4)

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