Windows XP POS 2009 EOL

Microsoft has recently announced it's intention to finally kill off Windows XP (POS) Point of Sale 2009 Edition.

So good news for Windows XP & WinWorld abandonware fans everywhere, considering it was the most loved OS they ever produced and doesnt contain half the garbage that the newer Windows 10 edition sports. The nostalgia of running Windows XP SP3 with Novell Netware 6 and the BSD 4.2 subsystem for Windows with the NLM (Novell Network Manager) has me drooling already.

No flashy backdoored iCore intel chips, just a humble FIT PC that fits in the pocket and with the CoreForce firewall and NetWare login manager it need not ever connect to the internet to dial home, especially if you run XPLite and remove half the garbage that comes bundled with it or you could even go one better and seriously peev google by downloading an old copy of Firefox 24 and the Key Manager by Subrata Mazumdar and start re-writting the entire PKI subsystem, after all if they went mad at symantic for writting there own security certificates they'll just love the rest of us when we build a totally new PKI infrastructure in old copies of Windows XP running on Novell NetWare and a big two fingers to the lot of them with there crappy Linux fan-boy Posix Threaded subsystem and Android Spyware.

To quote Eric Schmidt "We risk fracturing the internet!"

Too late for that chum, we're onto you and your Well's Fargo & Eqifax Certificates burried and burned into almost every facet of our software and we douth protest, very loudly. Got your tax returns handy?


  • Microsoft actually offers an ISO of Embedded POSReady 2009 on their site. If you look at the page you can see that they finally changed the recommended RAM to 512 MB from the asinine 128 MB.

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