How to disable the Windows Timebomb, (Windows 98 Betas on Virtualbox)

I am trying a Windows 98 Beta on Virtualbox and I want to disable the Timebomb in the Beta. I will be booting off of a MS-DOS 6.22 Setup disk. Just exit the DOS setup and your in DOS!


  • Solution: Use VMware.

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    And how does using VMware help disable the "timebomb" completely? I'd like a detailed explanation.

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    It doesn't. I think he's talking about resetting the date in the BIOS (since VMware has a proper BIOS interface). It's possible in VirtualBox but it must be done through the config files and something like subtracting the days from the current date (have to look it up).

    Is there a tweaknt equivalent for win9x? That would do the trick (for disabling the timebomb).

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    @win32 Yes, there is, you just have to restart after 1st stage of setup, boot from a DOS diskette, type in sys c: and reboot to the hard disk.
    BTW I have posted a tut about this on BA (

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