Texas computer store "Computer Reset" liquidation

Posting this in "news" because I think it is important.

This has been making the rounds on various web sites lately, a large Texas store, that apparently dealt with legacy equipment, is going out of business due to the owner's health issues and has to clear out their warehouse or throw it all in the trash.

Edit: suddenly the video is unavailable?
A 30 minute walk-though video has been posted here:

The place is a really big mess, but there are all kinds of vintage goodies in there such as Apple IIs, IBM PC/XTs, lots of PCjr and IBM convertible stuff, PS/2s, assorted terminals, printers, CRTs, plenty of 1990s Pentium era stuff, and lots of mystery boxes.

They have software too. The walk though shows lots of unopened early IBM software boxes.

I'd love to poke around in there.


  • "This video is unavailable"

  • Yea, the moment I post that, the video disappears.

  • There are some photos posted over here:

    That doesn't show quite as much of the warehouse section as the video did did, probably because they can't get through there now. It looks like even more of a mess now than it did in the video, probably from all the keyboard folks picking though it :P

  • Retail hoarders they were, though it's far better than stocking up on can openers or firecrackers.

    To me it's proof of regional inequality in old hardware availability. They are blessed with that mess yet here it's like "if it's not a Core 2 Duo, fling it to China"

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