Setup mouse ps/2 on windows 1.01

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Hi, I have problem on windows 1.01, the mouse ps/2 doesn't work on windows 1.01 I tried all tricks like copy mouse.drv from windows 2.03 setup to windows 1.01 and it doesn't work I tried on VMware and virtualbox and it's still same problem. How I can fix it


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    1: Unless you are using the IBM 1.04 OEM, you must copy the mouse.drv from Windows 2.03 and place it on to your Windows 1.x disk BEFORE installing. Then install Windows.
    2: It seems one must use DOS 3.x or later for the PS/2 mouse driver to work.
    3: If you are using DOS 5.x or 6.x, you must have SMARTDRV loaded and have an entry telling it to report version 3.30 (or 3.31 or 3.40) to WIN100.BIN.

    If this does not work for you, then you will need to provide more detail about the system you are running it in.

  • I using dos 6.22

  • Use DOS 3.31. it is more period correct.

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