Windows NT 3.51 "Modernization" Tips

Recently I discovered that my PIII system's video card supports NT 3.51 (S3 Savage4) so I began to look into the hurdles that one may face running it on a semi-modern system.

Within five seconds of searching for stuff I found this:

There's good stuff there like breaking SMP limits, enabling FAT32 support with the help of the win2k bootloader and even slipstreaming updates and service packs. It's a good read.


  • Thanks for sharing.

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    It doesn't seem to be listed above but I've discovered another limitation of the NT 3.51 installer: it refuses to install if the C drive is not recognized (like FAT32), but doesn't mind if other volumes use an "unknown" file system.

    Then using the Windows 2000 boot loader I could only get a blinking cursor after selecting "Windows NT 3.51 Installation/Upgrade".

    Oddly enough, Windows 98 setup complained that the FAT16 drive C: wasn't compatible with the OS.

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