Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows (Offer)

I offer the original version. Is not the CD version but it's the original version that contains 3 floppy disks.



  • Thanks, but can you redump it by Teledisk (on DOS) or Winimage (on Windows)?

    This seems to be dumped by MagicISO.
    I wonder you dumped it by MagicISO.
    Because boot sector seems to be made by MagicISO.

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    I ripped the info of the diskettes to copy in folders. When I tried to create the image 3 of the disk 3. It's failed.

    I tried on the dosbox and it works correctly!

    boot disk1.img, disk2.img, disk3.img -l c
    it works perfectly!

    Try this on the dosbox, vmware with windows 3.1 or virtualbox and tell me if it works.

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    I create an .img files and I formated with MS-DOS vía Dosbox, or Virtualbox with the MS-DOS Virtual Machine. And are updated the .img files.

    Mounting the .img as a real floppy copying the files of the respective folders where was extracted the files off the floppies.

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