Introduction, VM, FreeDOS and WP 5.1 working

Hi all, just a quick introduction. Been interested in computers for a long time and recently wanted to play around with DOS and some of the programs I remember from way back. Currently I have two desktop computers and two Raspberry Pi, Zero W and 3B +. The desktops are running Debian 10.1 (Buster) and Arch. Wanted to give FreeDOS a go on the Arch computer with Gnome Boxes but it needs a BIOS option I don't have so I decided to try Oracle VM on the Buster machine. Got it going without too much trouble, then FreeDOS and then WordPerfect 5.1 Really neat to see both DOS and WordPerfect come alive again after so many years.

Thanks for making these old programs available. Now what to try next?


  • Update - figured out one way to export files from the guest os (FreeDOS) to the VM host (Debian Buster). Was able to open the Word-perfect 5.1 file in LibreOffice Writer and not loose the word wrap. Looks like I could use WP 5.1 to write then save the file and then use the text for just about anything. That was fun! Let me know if anyone would like to know how it was done.

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