How do I change my email?

I kept getting a verification error and I decided to record it to show to the WinWorld team but wrote in a fake email and now the error is gone? I signed up but now I can't change my email back to my actual email. Is it impossible to change my email? I see a submit button though.


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    Go to Account Options (the little gear icon), and you can change your email address from there. The last time, that option was disabled.

  • On the forums? I'm trying to do it on the main website.

  • Yes, on the forum. Sorry I omitted that.

  • @Bry89 said:
    Yes, on the forum. Sorry I omitted that.

    I saw the gear icon, and I clicked on preferences. I don't know where to change my email.

  • You can change your email from the "Email" field under Edit Profile. You are taken to that page the minute you click on Preferences.

    Unless... changing email is disabled for new registrations perhaps?

  • You're probably right. I think it's disabled.

  • Unless Calvin changed something recently, it is not possible for normal users to change their e-mail address due to the way it is linked between the library database and the forum.

    I have no idea how you managed to sign up with a "fake" e-mail address, or why your normal one did not work.

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