[REQUEST] MS Encarta World Atlas 98 / Virtual Globe 98

Hello everyone, I've just registered on this site, even though I've visited the library several times, I love what you're doing :mrgreen:

I was wondering if someone has MS Encarta World Atlas 98 (or MS Encarta Virtual Globe 98, from the trailers on YouTube I see they are roughly the same, if not identical)? I haven't been able to find it on the Internet so far, except maybe on Amazon for VG98.

I used to have a (pirated) CD, but I threw it away long ago after it either stopped being recognized by my drive or I was unable to get it to work (before I started understanding and using VMs :-( )

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :thumleft:


  • Now, this may come as harmful to my reputation here as it would normally come as common sense to check if I can find something before posting here. The last time I did that was months or even a year.

    I've managed to Google it as Virtual Globe 98 on Archive.org, where it was uploaded as late as October 2014, with neat cover art. It works on my Win98SE VM almost as I remember it (minus the name and splash screen background).

    If anyone is interested, here is the link. Not sure if it's necessary to upload it to WinWorld, I leave that to you. I can provide some screenshots if you do.
    https://archive.org/details/Microsoft_E ... 98_-_Win95
    (ISO image, 629,7 MB)

    Sorry for this, I know I hate it when it happens to others on the forums I used to visit :D
  • Can I get a VIP to ensure we have a product page for this so I can wget the ISO from the server? Thanks.

    Bonus points if we get a contribution upload sent in. Post the ww_XXXXXXX id here if you do it.
  • Went ahead and added the whole thing here: https://winworldpc.com/product/encarta- ... 98-edition

    Good suggestion on using wget. That bandwidth! :shock:
  • Pardon, but Encarta World Atlas 97 is included in the regular Encarta 97 page. Was separating actually necessary?
  • It helps SEO :)

    Thanks someguy!
  • Then they should be joined in the VG/WA page, as they're basically the same thing, just different year versions, IMO.
  • Hi, I happen to have the slightly different (and differently named) version, called Microsoft Encarta World Atlas 1998 Edition (not Virtual Globe). Is there any need for that?

  • Thank you for reminding me of this thingy, I used to use it a lot when at university back in the day. It has installs for Internet Explorer 3.0.2 and ActiveMovie - can you believe how far browsing and media streaming have gone since then?

  • Thank you a lot, sir.

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