How to properly uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition from Windows 10 Pro?

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I installed MS VS 6.0 Enterprise edition on my work computer which is Windows 10 Pro machine.
When installing it failed to install completely, but some components were installed and exist in start menu.

I found that there are UNINST.exe files but un-installation fails with error, "cannot find installation log file" probably because it didn't install properly.

How do I remove the remaining components on my system?

Should i go manually, deleting them? :smile:


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    Since the installation failed, the best way is to install MS VS 6.0 properly and then uninstall it with its own MS VS 6.0 Enterprise Edition uninstaller from Windows 10 Control Panel.

    I have found that the installer gets stuck when it tries to modify Windows 10 registry keys needed for the installation.

    Check this page for info:

    So enable permissions to the current to change system important registry keys on Windows 10. Then install MS VS 6.0 EE, and then uninstall it properly with its own uninstaller.

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