Turbo Pascal Toolbox 4.0


  • The manual for the Numerical Methods toolbox that you offer as version 4.0 is in fact the version 3.0 from 1986, very usable, but for version TP3, not TP4.

  • Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. From a bit more googling technically, the 1986 TP 3 version would be "1.0" or unnumbered. It was probably introduced along with the 1986 GameWorks and Editor "1.0" toolboxes. The manual doesn’t spell out the product version so I was just going by year.

  • How the version number of those toolboxes related to that of Turbo Pascal? Is this just a version number or does it have to match TP? Is it advisable to use the Toolboxes 4.0 with TP 6.0?

  • You can use the Toolboxes with later versions but check the disks. Much of the Toolbox contents were incorporated into the later versions. IIRC, the source code of the Wordstar inspired editor was in TP 5-7 and both the numeric and graphics information was in the manuals of TP 5 and later.

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