Unpacking windows

I did download windows 3.1. How to unpack i.a. Msdos 3.1. for installing on my P.C. What format is this big file (pkunzip or winzip or ??? ) . Thanks.


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    Most (maybe all?) of the archives are 7zip. So you'll want that to unpack them. Then most floppy images can be written to disk with something like winimage. If there is something special needed to write them, there is usually some indication either on the page you downloaded it from, or in a text file in the 7zip archive.

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    By the way, Winzip and PKzip format are the same, one thing less to worry about :)

    7zip is free (open source):

    Winimage is shareware:
    (There are even 16bit versions for Windows 3.1 at the bottom of that page.)

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