Windows NT 4.0 Cairo/Hydra

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Windows NT 4.0 Cairo/Hydra

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    I'm not completely sure if this is correct, but the Cairo 1175 from here is the vanilla SUR version. It does not have the new login screen nor the Cairo components. Someone might have to rename that.

    EDIT: I installed the build and it is indeed the vanilla SUR version, not the Cairo version with OFS, new login screen, etc. Someone might need to change that.

  • There's missing build 4.0.419.1 for Terminal Server

  • 419 is the RTM. It can be found in the 4.0 tab.

  • Can sombody leave a download to a windows nt build 1173 qcow2

  • @nonogamer9 Are you having trouble installing Windows NT build 1173 in QEMU?

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    @nonogamer9 Do you mean Windows nt 4.0 1175?

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