Going retro, CP/M 2.2 running on RunCPM

Hi all, thought some might be interested in this. I just got CP/M 2.2 running on the RunCPM emulator that is running on the Adafruit Grand Central M4. The screen shot is from Minicom running on a Linux Debian Buster desktop; however, I can't think of any reason it would not work on a Windows machine running hyperterminal. In any case it makes for a low cost way to play around with the legendary OS that started the PC revolution. Lots more info at: https://learn.adafruit.com/z80-cpm-emulator-for-the-samd51-grand-central/overview


  • Update: got ED figured out enough to try my first Hello World in .ASM It worked! That was fun :smiley:

  • I prefer to do it on the real deal Kaypros, IMS S-100, and a couple of homemades that I have made. I guess a sim is ok if you can't or won't part with the cash to purchase the real deal.. z8coder

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