[REQUEST] Microsoft Office 2003

Hello, could you post the Office 2003?

It's 2020. In 3 years, this version of office will be 20-years-old, and it's old enough to be considered abandonware.


  • The same kind of argument regarding Windows XP, and that would be 20 years old next year.

    Sorry, but no.

  • Up until last year, Microsoft supplied and updated an add-on that would allow Office 2000 and 2003 to open and edit the newer Office file formats. If they supplied this add-on so recently, it must mean that it still had relatively high usage and is therefore not abandonware.

  • Abandonware isn't a real thing, as far a legality goes. Even if it were, Microsoft is certainly still in business and still makes a product called Microsoft Office. There is no way this would qualify. And most importantly, they have been known to ask people not to post this version of office, so it doesn't matter how old it is, they are actively protecting their IP.

    Something like Wordstar would more accurately be called Abandonware since the company that made it, and all of their IP, has been sold multiple times, there was even some question about who currently owns it, and none of the suspected owners are actually selling a current version or even anything that might compete with it.

  • Due the the fuss MS made about it, the answer is still no. The high demand for Office 2003 really should tell you something.

    Where is the love for, oh, I don't know: Micromath Scientific Software MINSQ Least Squares Parameter Estimation? Guess which one is in more need of archiving?

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