[Offer] Win 98, me, 2000 - sdk, ddk

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I have some of these.
There are saved pages form microsoft on web.archive.org where you can still download some of them.
Where to upload it ?


  • A lot of them are [install self-extract exe] files with digital signatures.

  • I like to make collections and have downloaded many of files from WinWorldPc. Very good online library so everybody can share. Suddenly, i found out that i have some windows ddks that this library doesn't.

    I have never uploaded before. For some reason i can not log in to archive.org and recovery password mail is not coming. So, i uploaded to dropbox.


    I think that source of these files are:

    Some of files are truly original, with digital signatures.
    You can search which are of some worth and upload them for everyone.

    Maybe some people would download files that are half confirmed original. So, there could exist sub section for such of files.

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