[OFFER] Windows 1.0 Premiere Edition (VMware VM)

Hi everybody,
I saw and downloaded the VM of Premiere Edition on the download page but the VM is unprofessionally made. It used the VGA patch from hard drive which caused number of useless files to be copied into the Windows directory along with useless drivers.

I've created a VM myself, installed Windows using the original installer of Premiere Edition (no redundant files) on top of MS-DOS 3.30. I've also corrected file order, date and time to make it look professional and the size is only 636 KB after zipping up. You can download it here: https://mega.nz/#!RUdS3aiK!A2t3VLSjv72q5Co5DjLln0y1w594fJrcQ4-cMq8hKVc and I suggest replacing the one on the download page with my one since my copy is more professionally made.

My copy however did have PS/2 and VGA drivers patched from EGA and Microsoft Mouse drives using John Elliott's patch and the mouse driver offered here. It worked perfectly fine.



  • Thanks, works really good, and it doesn't look a bit messed up like the other one.

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