Softlanding Linux System 1.05

There is another retro article on Soylentnews. This time it is about "Softlanding Linux System 1.05", probably the earliest of what we consider a Linux "distro".

And I thought things were a mess back in the days of Redhat Linux 5. :P


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    Yep! Without that mess, we would never have gotten Debian and Slackware.

    Sadly, most people seem to think Ubuntu and RedHat are the only Linux distributions these days. Even Debian is forgotten by many.

  • Heh, it's surprising I actually saw my own write-ups here! Had to sign up to comment. I can provide the assembled SLS Linux disks if you'd like to add them to the archive, as well as a patched A1 disk that can actually use "large" HDDs (it should work with 8 GiB, but the built in ext2 driver seems to blow up at 2+ GiB).

    The amount of negativity might put things to the side on writeups though :/. I also have fixed versions of some of the NT Service Packs which are kinda broken in the downloads.

  • Hi, NCommander, welcome to our humble commode :)

    Personally, I like those write-ups. I managed to patch up those broken SCO Xenix disk images, verify they worked OK, and added them to the library here. If Soylent is not appreciative of those kinds of write ups, you might consider posting them on the vintage computing forums, or here. (I've done some hardware writeups on, and software stuff goes here).

    Since that is rather historical (we don't usually do open source or shareware) yea, if you want to archive those up, I could post them.

    What is broken with the NT Service packs? We try to archive them as they were distributed, so some are MS-DOS self extracting files. If there is some issue I would like to either fix them or document workarounds.

  • I may post them here. As a note, SLS part 2 went up.

    With the service packs, a bunch of the NT4 ones are the 40-bit encryption and not 128-bit. That's just mislabeling. I have NT SP 3 and 6 128-bit I can upload somewhere.

    The WIndows NT 3.51 is missing the media detection file. I think it's supposed to read the label of the CD-ROM and failing that look for a file in the root directory. I was able to fix this one by creating the missing file and then installing it (specifically, you always need the workstation identifer even for servers).

    I don't remember if I had to monkey with NT 3.1 or 3.5's service packs. I'll check on the desktop later tonight. Also, is there forum notifications? I remembered to check on this by hand.

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