Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.x

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imageMicrosoft Flight Simulator 4.x

Flight Simulator is simulation "game" in which you pilot an airplane around the world. It started off as subLOGIC Flight Simulator on the Apple II, but was OEMed by Microsoft for the IBM PC. It was very popular, and one of few early games to provide a "3d" experience.

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    FS4 language versions differ in included scenery content:
    ->European languages add a mini scenery pack of Europe (SD-EUR) with Frankfurt/Germany, Paris/France and London/UK.
    Copy all files from 2nd floppy (Scenery Disk), then load Scenery from the NAV menu.

    The same for Aircraft & Scenery Designer (German version is just called Designer):
    -> European languages contain San Francisco/California.
    Copy SANFRAN.* from install disk.
    -> US contains Boeing Field Seattle/Washington.
    Copy BOEING.* and SEATTLE.* from install disk.

    .MOD files contain Flight Modes ("missions" you can choose from, like starting from a specific airport)
    .SCN files contain Scenery (like city and airport buildings)
    .DYN files contain Dynamic Scenery (like ground traffic)
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