R:Base 4.0

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imageR:Base 4.0

R:Base, from Microrim and first released in 1983, was a popular relational database that competed with Ashton Tate's dBASE product. R:Base was the first relational database for the IBM PC, also notable as earlier relational databases typically required more powerful hardware. R:Base also includes a form and report generator that is optimized for the capabilities of the IBM PC and features the ability to add or remove fields without losing data or relationships.

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  • installed on a dell latitude d620, using dos command prompt (after copying image files to1.44mb floppys (3 disks) using winimage9. ran in dosbox 7, because it has a full screen mode that works nicely. Ran without any problems. it did give me an error message when installing 3rd disk,that it couldn't read the disk id, but it gave me the option to continue anyway. I took that option and it installed fine. This may have been because I used 3.5 floppys and not 1.2mb 5.25 floppys that the original images were created from. not a big deal. great to run some software I hadn't seen in 25 years...
  • Also tested under dosbox running on windows 7 64bit, copied files I created for other laptop, over to thumb drive,copied over to local ssd, then ran dosbox and mounted Rbfiles as the root directory c: (mount c c:\rbfiles\) in dosbox. Had to edit the path command to reflect the fact the Rbfiles is the root directory (path=c:\) before running rbase in order for Rbase to be able to find the help files etc...ran fine, added rows of data to sample database (concomp) printed reports to screen etc.
    so once you install it on one machine, you can simply copy the directory that it is installed in, to any other machine that can run dosbox and skip the whole install process.
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