MS DOS 3.0

Hi, does anyone know where I can obtain DOS 3.0 on a 5.25 floppy disk? I need the disk and not just a download.
I'm trying to get a Commodore PC-10 running and it has two 5.25 floppy drives but no hard drive. This means it has to have the OS on a disk that gets kept in drive A. Thanks.


  • If you go to the ms-dos section there are a few for different commodore PC, no 3.00 exactly that I see, but there are some 3.x version. I’ve also got a version for the commodore colt that I thought was already on the site, but I don’t seem to see it right now. I can probably get you a copy of the images.
  • I see the images in the 3.21 section.
  • The best way is to buy IBM PC DOS or MS-DOS on eBay if you want it as material disk.
    Here is not for shareing material disk but dumped disk image.
  • Well, people *may* ask for physical disks, but this is such a small community it is not too likely there is anyone in the same area that could physically assist them.

    You might try asking over at the forum, as there are lots more people there from all over the world that can assist with things like that. Just be careful how you word any request, as they don't like discussion of unlicensed software duplication - just ask for general assistance with getting boot media.

    eBay is a source for boot disks, but it is a gamble if disks will work or if a boot disk matches your machine.

    I generally recommend people become self sufficient in such matters. For example by buying a Kryoflux, SuperCard Pro, FluxEngine, or Greasleweazle or such that you can connect your floppy drive to a "modern" computer to write disk images. Buying a normal 1.44mb drive to attach to the machine and a USB 1.44mb drive that support 720k to attach to the "modern" machine is another option. A "tweener" in-between system such as a Pentium/Athlon with a motherboard floppy disk controller is yet another option.
  • If you’re in the US I’ve had good luck sending floppies in the mail using media mail rates. It’s very cheap, but it specifically forbids sending games, so just make sure that you don’t throw in any extra fun stuff.
  • Thank-you for your replies. I appreciate your input.
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