Software of windows 3.XX, is possible to install in windows 3.11? and software from windows 95 to 98

I was downloading software from the library but i have this question, it's possible to install windows 3.X software in windows 3.11 and the software of windows 95 in windows 98, it's that possible?


  • Typically, yes.

    Windows 3.11 is just a tiny update to 3.1. And 3.11 for workgroups is the same with with a network stack added.

    Windows 95 was built on top of Windows 3.1/3.11FWG, so it retains most compatiblity with DOS and Windows 3.1. Despite the new user interface, and integrated 32-bit executable support, it is not a completely new OS underneath the hood.

    Windows 98 is just 95 with a browser bolted on to the user interface.

    Windows ME is basically the same as 98 except they intentionally crippled the ability to use real mode DOS, although it is still there.

    "16-bit" application executables designed for Windows 3.0 or 3.1x will usually work fine under 95 or 98. The exceptions being things like device drivers, disk utilities, or system-level stuff, even though often these can be made to work too.
  • Thanks for awsering! i was really confused 'bout that, i really appreciate the answer!
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