I have a Solaris 10 install disk, but don't know how to get install files from it

I have an old Solaris 10 install disk, but I don't know how to get the files from said disk off of it. I also can't seem to install from it onto a virtual machine, but that's just my lack of skill with libvirt. If someone could help me get the files off, I'd be happy to lend them to WinWorld if possible.


  • You mean an actual, physical disc from Sun? Nothing shows up when you put it in your disc drive?

    Also, are you sure you have the right architecture? The disc may be for the SPARC platform, not x86.
  • Actual disk, with extra disk for dev tools.
    I get a lot of volume files opening it, a file called "installer", and four folders:
    "boot", "Solaris_10", ".install", and ".install_config". Along with some other files. Here is a screenshot:

    Judging from the contents of the "Copyright" file, it could be SPARC, but I may be wrong, as it simply mentions that SPARC is a licensed trademark of Sun microsystems.
  • Holy crap, I'm an idiot. Just looked at the screenshots, it says X86 in the disk name, so it is infact X86 and not SPARC
  • Some of the solaris versions used a boot floppy and then installed from the cd.

    another idea have you tried..
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