WordStar 4.0

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imageWordStar 4.0

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  • The manual for the CP/M version of WordStar 4 is available at http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/pdf/microPro/Wordstar_4/

  • Thanks for the Manual ! IIRC: 4.0 was the last version released for CP/M. I also think 4.0 Professional was the best version in terms of performance and features at the time of release.

  • My first PC was a Leading Edge Model M that my dad got from a local print shop. It came with a green mono display that had the WordStar 4.0 function menus burned into it. I remember reading them with a flashlight when the monitor was turned off. The keyboard also had a WordStar function key reference sticker still attached. The best part was a bunch of files were left on the hard drive so I got to read a bunch of people's random documents LOL
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