GPU drivers problem with win95

Im trying to install Win95 on a Pentium computer, and its a completely nightmare to install the gpu drivers.

I tried: MX 420m, MX4000, Radeon 9200, Trio 3D/2X

With nvidia and ATI i get TON of errors when i install de drivers and when i boot up the system

With the trio 3D i dont get errors but i cant play 3D games..?
Also with Half Life i get as kernel32 error (Getlongpath, or something like that)

I tried with RTM, OSR1, OSR 2.5, OSR2 with the unnoficial update and without it(Without it ATI or Nvidia drives wont install at all)

Are the GPUs too new for the system?, im using 65.something w95 compatible nvidia drivers, and ATI w95 compatible drivers too, so idk whats going on.


  • According to my notes, the last nVidia card that worked with 95 was the Geforce 6xxx series. Later drivers did have bugs.

    According to my notes about the drivers:
    56.64 - works properly, control panels work, but does not support Geforce 6xxx series.
    77.72 - Control panels do not work, but everything else does. Supports Geforce 6xxx
    82.16 - Last driver that works at all on 95, but hangs on shutdown unless an NVidia Video Driver Shutdown Fix is applied.

    I don't remember about the ATI cards, but there have been previous threads about this.
  • Thanks, ill try tomorrow with the 56.64 and see if it works.
  • Are these AGP cards? If I recall correctly to use AGP you need OSR2 and you have to install the usb supplement.
  • Yes, they are AGP cards, dont really have a PCI one.

    I already tried the 56.64 drivers, and still is giving me lot of errors on startup, control panel doesnt work. And yes i have installed the usb supplement that is included on the osr2 cd.
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