Found old 3.5"

Anyone able to help me identify if these floppy disks have data that should be backed up? Or should I just recycle these old disks?

Set 1
- 8 disks labelled Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS release 3.1+ Disk 1 (install)
I have 8 disks in this series.
similar pattern for the these 8 install disks.

Set 2
- 2 disks labelled the same way as above but with minor difference that it's
Enhancement Add-ins Disk 1
there are 2 disks.

Set 3
-2 disks labelled the same way as above but with minor difference that it's
Drivers Disk 1
there are 2 disks

The rest are singles:
Add in support disk
1-2-3 System Disk (dos)
Font disk

All are in a dark blue floppy disk copy rights are from 89 and 91

There is also a code written on the first floppy.


  • Next disks:

    UltraCoach for Windows

    Limited Edition
    Version 1.2

    (there are 2 disks)

    Before I post more can some one let me know if 3.5' disks are worth posting here? OR should I just junk these all?
  • Yes, many 3.5" disks contain software that is very much worth dumping and preserving. They did also see their share of mindless titles - I don't think the world needs that many AOL floppy disks :P but it is better to assume they are worth something.

    Winworld does already have Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.1+ for DOS:

    It looks like the complete package should be eight disk labeled 1 to 8, two enhancement disks, and one add-in support disk.

    It is always worth comparing releases of the same version to see if there are any minor differences. If you want to share them, that would be fine. Although in this case, I would not worry about it too much.

    As for "UltraCoach", I have never heard of that, and I don't see any information about it out there. I think the only way we will know if it is worth adding if you upload the disk images.

  • @SomeGuy Thank you for your response. Is there a thread that can quickly explain how I can create the disk images? and how I should go about uploading them here?
  • Well, non copy protected disks are fairly simple.

    First, if these disks happened to have been not well stored then carefully inspect the surface of the disk before putting it in a drive. Hopefully these are OK otherwise they may need careful cleaning.

    Next, write protect the disk. That is very important as many "modern" OSes try to write junk back to a disk.

    Then on Windows, we recommend WinImage to read floppy disks. Just tell it to read the disk and save the image.

    Note that if you are using a USB floppy drive, that some (crappy) USB floppy drives do not support 720k low density like they are supposed to.

    As for uploading, we use various file hosting sites like mega, dropbox, google drive, tinyupload, and such. Either post a link on the forum, or if you don't want everyone to know you sent it, then send me a private message via the forum here with the link, and I will grab it and eventually get it processed.
  • Luckily the are well stored. They were in a storage case intended to store floppies.

    Thanks for the other info, I will PM you then then thanks!
  • @SomeGuy Sent the first one, let me know if it looks ok. Thanks for the help.
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