Article: Adobe sends DMCA notice over tweet about Acrobat READER 1.0

edited March 2021 in Software
Erik on IRC shared this article earlier:
Adobe regularly sends takedown notices targeting pirated copies of its flagship software products but the company doesn't limit itself to newer releases. F-Secure researcher Mikko Hyppönen has had one of his tweets taken down because it linked to an 'unauthorized' copy of a 27-year-old release of Acrobat Reader 1.0 for MS-DOS.
I'm betting the notice was automated. It's interesting that the original tweet is still up, which links to here.


  • Doesn't Twitter seem rather tired?

    (Note: clarified your title, this is regrading READER, of which most versions were FREE)
  • Heh, I'm tired of Tweeter myself. Or maybe I'm just tired in general. Somehow even after reading the word "Reader" in the article, my brain decided to skip it. Good edit.
  • I am now wondering , if winworld is now going to get a DMCA takedown request for Acrobat Reader 1.0.
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