How do I upload programs?

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I am having problems uploading software, when I try to go to the contributions page from the site administration page, all that I see is a blank page


  • You have to log in to the "library" first. That is seperate from the forum login but uses the same ID and Password.

    Wait, if you see a "site administration" link somewhere, that probably shouldn't be there, and is not what you are looking for.

    Just go to and click the "upload now" button.
  • I can verify that the site administration link does exist, but clicking get you a access denied message. I saw this when making my first contribution to the site
  • Ok, the "Site administration" option in the user name drop-down is not supposed to be visible to everybody, only administrators.
  • To add on this subject, I too see the site administration tab on the top right, although it doesn't give me permission to change site settings. It does, however; let me look at what is in the upload/ publishing que...
  • Which should be normal for VIP users.
  • Do uploads need to be in any special format? I see that many apps are organized for floppy disc use, but I don't know if that's important or not (I've not used floppies for20 years or more).

  • Um, this is an old and obsolete thread.

    Software that was distributed on floppy disks should be dumped from original floppy disks as sector image files (IMG) when possible.

    File dumps may or may not be useful for winworld depending on how complete they are.

    Similarly, CD-ROMs should be dumped as ISO or BIN files rather than file dumps.

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    "File dumps may or may not be useful for winworld depending on how complete they are"
    Most DOS apps can simply be copied (or dumped) to and fro, and it's possible to upload or ftp a simple running set of files just as they are. Does that not work? Or is it required that they be ISO-type?

  • You lose important information when you just copy files directly from a disk. For example, you lose volume labels that may be required by the setup program, you lose file order which may have been important to the distributor and may have been optimized to speed up installation, idiots who put files on an FTP without at least zipping them will lose or munge file date stamps, which are extremely important for versioning purposes.

    Files copied from an installed folder on a hard drive will 99% of the time be useless incomplete garbage. For example, I may want to run it on my computer but it won’t have the driver for my video card because the original user had a different one. Useless.

    If you have a set of floppy disks, write protect them and use WinImage to make an exact dump. This will create an “IMG” or “IMA” sector image that can be mounted in an emulator, written back to a disk, or opened again in WinImage to view or extract individual files.

    If you have a set of crufty files copied from some long gone floppy disk, go ahead and point me to them, and eventually I might get around to testing if they are usable or not.

  • I have been going through two 'bankers' boxes of 3.5" floppies from the 1980s and 1990s. For the ones that look interesting, I run chkdsk, and if it passes, I make an image with WinImage, give it a descriptive name (eg, program_platform_version.ima) and file it on my server.

    With that in mind, how does one contribute such images of old software to the WinWorld library?
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