[Offer] dBase III v1.1

Here is version 1.1 of dBase III, which is copy protected (doesn't seem to be with laser hole though).

Floppy dumps in SCP format



  • Wow, thanks very much.

    Would you please dump System Disk 1 and System Backup disk by SCP (Splice) more 2 times again?
  • I hate to ask, but there seems to be some slight damage on the sample programs - utils disk, at track 16 head 1. Could you try dumping that one again? Might want to visually inspect it first just in case.

    Oddly HxC says a sector header is damaged, but claims to decode the sector body ok. My other tools don't seem to want to decode that sector at all. I just want to be sure the content is correct. Thanks.
  • @callmejack

    Would you please dump Dbase III 1.1 (Sample) disk by SCP (both Index and Spice) and DCOPY.EXE (on DOS)?

  • @ibmpc5150 do you have a link for dcopy.exe ?
  • www.msxarchive.nl/pub/msx/utils/othersys/dcopy.zip

    DCOPY A: DISK1.IMA /R:10

    (/R:10 <-- Retry 10 times)

    Before you run DCOPY.EXE, I recommend to use DOSKEY.COM.
    Because DCOPY.EXE occurs the Error when you run this program first.
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    You also can use WIMAGE.EXE (Not WINIMAGE) for DOS.




    Except copy protected (non standard) disk, you can try to dump on unreadable sector in several time.

    But Teledisk / SCP doesn't try to read any sectors in several time.
  • I never used those before, just for my knowledge, what are the benefits over teledisk for example ?
  • The primary advantage of using a DOS based sector copier is that it can rapidly retry bad sectors. Although for that job, I usually use Trixter's Disk2img http://www.oldskool.org/pc/disk2img as it is specifically optimized for that task. This tool literally adds another dimension to data recovery as you can sit there pushing and pulling on the drive head while it keeps retrying a really badly damaged sector.

    But in this case, I REALLY don't think any of that is needed. It is just a tiny error. Just check the disk for any physical damage, and give it a re-dump with the SCP and I'll take a look at it and advise from there.
  • ok, thanks both of you for the explanations.

    I did a redump with SCP but still had some issue with one file (paymenu.prg). I tried with dcopy.exe (which is on another computer) but it still gave an error. Finally I tried on my Olivetti M24 and I was able to make a clean image with dcopy.exe, it even read without needing to retry.

    Here are the extra dumps

  • @ibmpc5150 thanks for the recovered image.
  • @callmejack
    No problem, a rare vintage program is dumped by you.
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