Windows 11


I am installing Windows 11 build 22000.194 but I can't install it because I don't support it.
I have made the values of Bypass TPM, RAM and secure boot check but it still says the same thing.
I am running:

Windows 11 22000.194
Windows 10 x64 as OS in VMware Workstation 16 Pro
1.52 GB Ram
i7-4th gen
2 cores
60GB storage

It still won't work.
Do you know how to install it on these specs
Also I restarted setup.


  • Windows 11 needs 4GB of RAM and 64GB of disk space. As far as I know, Microsoft really doesn't want this installed on older systems that don't meet the requirements, and is much more stringent with them too. It can run on that processor though, despite it being first released 8 years ago (as I saw that it has a speed of over 2GHz).
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