Microsoft Validation for Windows 2000 Professional.

I have a need to repair my HP Visualize X Class, personal work station based computer system after a major system crash. I fear that I have lost all of my stored data, including all of my back-up files. I have tried to rebuild my WIN 2K Pro OS, using my original Microsoft CD. But all I got was a free 30 day trial, and a notice that I had to validate the installation before I could use the newly replaced OS. Since Microsoft ceased support for WIN 2K a very long time ago, I cannot validate my system.

Is it possible to obtain a download of WIN 2K Pro SP4 which does not need validation by Microsoft?

It may be quixotic to insist on using such an old OS, and an old computer, but I have found the combination of the two to be very reliable prior to the current crash, and it meets all of my needs. ( I have had this private work station since FY 2000.)
WIN2K Pro is just a good, clean OS, and not the horrible mixture of OS, advertising channels, unwanted pictures, pop-ups and personal data stealing tools that comprise the current WIN 10.

This is not a business set-up, just my home computing center.

Any assistance would be received gratefully. Thank you.


  • Windows 2000 doesn’t have activation. Can you post the exact error you’re getting?
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    Windows 2000 Professional (with SP4) (Retail), does not need validation.
  • Thank you both for your responses to my query, they are much appreciated.
    I have tried using my original Microsoft W2K Pro CD to reinstall my OS. I got a 30 day free trial, no problems there, and then at the end of the 30 days there was a system notice that I had to validate my installation before I could gain full use of the new installation.
    How do I reconcile this with your statements that I do not need validation, I'm not arguing with you, just puzzled!

    Am I failing to understand something here?
  • @Catullus
    Did you enter a product key?
  • Your original key is probably OEM. Is the ISO you downloaded an HP OEM ISO?
  • "How do I reconcile this with your statements that I do not need validation, I'm not arguing with you, just puzzled!"

    Although I am not too familiar with them, Microsoft DID make limited time demo/evaluation CDs of products available. They were usually freebees bundled with other fluff. Software from evaluation CDs (or floppies) would usually stop working after so long or have limited features. But you did NOT get a full license if you got one of these CDs. If one of these CDs was bundled with your hardware then you got ripped off.

    One would NEVER use demo/evaluation CDs for normal software installation. The full versions of most Microsoft products did NOT require any kind of remote activation until about 2001 with the release of Windows XP.

    If you download a Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000 CD and use any random installation key, it will install and keep running fine. The product serial number was only used when you called Microsoft for support. Of course, there is no more support for these products.
  • Thank you for your response, I live and learn from replies like yours.
    I am not a software expert, I just follow the instructions, frequently getting into a complete muddle!
    The CD I used is a Microsoft product, not an OEM product, it is an early version of W2K.Pro. I see that on the CD there is a printed, very complex, alpha/numeric "Key". I don't recall seeing any instructions on use of the key. I will do as you suggest, and download a newer version of WIN 2000 Pro from the site library, hopefully there will be instructions on how to use the "Key".
  • I recommend installing Windows 2000 Professional (with SP4) (Retail) from here:
    and enter this key when you're prompted during installation:
  • Hello, you can turn any Win2000 disk into an Volume License media.
    No CD-Key needed for installation, Window's update won't work with a volume license
    Windows 2000 installation but updates can be applied manual.
    And I have not tried out if Windows update for Win2000 is still operating at all.

    Unfortunately I have not any Win2000 CD at hand right now.

    Look for an win*ini (don't remember the exact name) file in the system folder on the install CD.

    Change ProductID to value 270.

    Save that edited file into you Win2000 CD iso file and have fun.

    The Product ID describes what edition of Win2000 it is.
    Retail, Retail-Upgrade, OEM, ....
    270 is for Volume License.
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