[Offer] Central Point PC-Tools 3.24 (SCP. IMA)

This is version 3.24 of PC-Tools from Central point.

Floppy disk image in SCP and IMA format (5.25, 360K)

I'm afraid it has been modified, as there are additional directories (see below). Strangely they are dated on the same date as the other files. Anyone has a clue what they are for ?



  • Thanks!
    Your dumped image is Not modified but verified.

    I also have dumped image of it with same SHA1.
  • Ah, ok, that's good, Do you have a clue what are those sub1, sub2 directories for ?
  • No. I don't know why each directory exists.
    But it exists on ver. 3.24
  • As I recall, on some versions of Copy II Plus for the Apple II, they included several empty pre-made "sample" directories. They probably did the same thing here. The directories might be referred to in the manual as part of a demonstration or tutorial.

    The SCP dump shows all tracks were professionally mastered (track written at once), with no breaks that would indicate individual sectors were written by a user.
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