[Offer] Norton utilities 6.0 [IMZ] (5.25", 1.2MB)

This is version 6.0 of Norton utilities (6-6-1991)

WinworldPc already has this version in 3.5" floppy disks, this version is in 1.2MB floppies



  • Thanks.
    But your disk 1 is bad.
    Here is good dumped disk 1.
  • @ibmpc5150 what was the problem ? I didn’t notice anything while dumping with winimage and opening the file with hxc didn’t show crc errors. Are there other tests I should make in order to properly test integrity of a dump ?
  • @callmejack

    I don't recommend to dump it by WinImage.
    I always dump it by SCP or DCOPY / Teledisk.
  • The directory of disk 1 has had access dates of "12/05/2020" written to it.

    That means someone used the disk in a Windows 9x or later machine to read files on that date, without write protecting the disk.

    No DOS disk manufactured prior to 1995 should have these date fields set.

    Those are easy enough for someone like me to clean, but it is better to avoid getting those written to the disk in the first place. Of course, if you only just obtained these disks then it was someone else's fault.
  • @SomeGuy that’s really strange as those disks are by design write protected (there is no write protect notch). I bought them as a lot with other disks a long time ago, so I don’t know their history.
  • I guess it must have been winimage that wrote that date when I dumped it, I will re dump them with dcopy.
  • I think your original disk has no problem.
    The problem is on WinImage.
    I don't use WinImage anymore.
  • I wanted to save some time by using the batch mode of winimage but that’s finally not a good idea and I will revert to the SCP dump, even if it’s more time consuming.
  • Here is the updated link with the SCP scans and the IMA with fixed "disk 1"

  • Thanks. SCP image has no problem.
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