[Offer] Omnis 3 Plus v3.3.07 German for Macintosh (SCP, IMG, DC42) [3.5 800K]

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This is a Geman version of the Database software Omnis 3 Plus, version 3.3.07


The Single user program disk in SCP format has a bad CRC (several dumps, no change) but the DiskCopy version didn't show any error. Hopefully this does not affect the software.

The floppy dumps (800k) are available in several formats :
  • SCP format
  • IMG format (created from SCP)
  • DiskCopy 4.2 format and compressed in a stuffit archive


  • Thanks! Very nice! I'll just use the images from the Diskcopy copies.

    It looks like someone tried to use the disk in a real Macintosh (2021 date) without write protecting the disk. It is very important to write protect floppy disks, not only do Macintosh's have a bad habit of constantly writing desktop information back to the disk, but from my experience any sector that is written from a genuine Macintosh (rather than sectors written at the factory by mastering equipment) becomes harder to read using a kryoflux or SCP.
  • argh, I'm usually careful at write protecting the disks but I overlooked that one.
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