[Offer] Apple Lisa Pascal Workshop 3 (SCP, IMG, DC42) [3.5 400K]

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This is version 3 of Pascal Workshop for the Apple Lisa


I included a scan of the manuals in PDF.

The floppy dumps (400K) are available in several formats :
  • SCP format
  • IMG format (created from SCP)
  • DiskCopy 4.2 format and compressed in a stuffit archive
The disks may have been modified.


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    BTW, Disk 6 of the DC42 set does not look like it is in DC42 format. It is a different size than the others.

    Also, what is this file for? "Lisa Pascal Workshop 3.0 - Disk 1 [3.5 400K] - 2eme set.scp"

    No label scans? I know Apple did not use factory labels for all of these development products, is that what it is?
  • @SomeGuy I don't know what was the problem with disk 6 DC42, I made a new copy and at first it gave an error reading but the 2nd time it was ok.

    the "2eme set" is a single disk can be discarded, it was a duplicate.

    Finally about the label scan, all labels are the same except that disk number goes from 1 to 9. I added the back side of disk 1 as it contains some interesting information.
    I usually don't bother scanning all labels if they are the same but if you want I can scan the others.

    Here is the 7zip with all changes

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