[Request] Lotus 1-2-3 1A for HP 150 System Disk Kryoflux Dump

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So, I got some random disks including a partial set of Lotus 1-2-3 1A for the HP "Touchscreen PC", which seems to mean HP 150. Unfortunately, there was no system disk in the set. I have the "Printgraph", "Utility", "Tutorial 1", and "Tutorial 2" disks.

There is a teledisk dump on the HP museum site, but since it should be copy protected, and since I don't actually have a HP 150 (wish I did), I can't test that.

These are in a very odd format. They are 3.5" disks formatted single sided, double density, 70 tracks, with 256 byte sectors and an extra 128 byte sector on the end of each track.

I would love to add these, but without the system disk, it is useless. A kryoflux or SCP dump is needed to make sure the image is really complete.

Oddly, the Teledisk dumps on the HP Museum site only have one tutorial disk. They don't include readable label scans, just an unreadable box photo, so I can't tell what is supposed to be what.


  • TubetimeUS has been posting about his HP 150 adventures over on twitter (not a great platform for that kind of thing, but to each their own). It looks like he recently got his hard drive accessible and he was doing some work with floppies too. He posted a screen shot of a directory listing and it looks like it has a 123 directory:
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    @SomeGuy here is the dump I made a while ago. There's also a backup system disk so it probably means that it's copy protected. Perhaps this backup disk is untouched (let's hope!).

  • Concerning Teledisk images from hpmuseum site, as they are raw images, would't it be possible to use them on an emulator ?
  • Wow. Thanks.

    Running on an emulator depends on the nature of the copy protection. I'm not aware of a fully functional HP-150 emulator. If the software actually ran in such an emulator then that should prove the teledisk dumps are complete enough. Somebody running a copy from the teledisk files on a real HP-150 would prove that too.

    Unfortunately, some of these other archive sites dump copy protected software with no indication if their dump actually works. In a few cases, it is obvious it won't.

    At a glance of your SCP images all I see are a couple of sectors with intentionally bad CRCs. So perhaps the TD images would work. Of course, we have seen some really tricky protections that are hard to detect.
  • @callmejack

    Thanks very much.
    I really didn't know Lotus 1-2-3 1A was released for HP 150 machine.
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