[request] dBase advanced programmers guide floppy disk

I have the dBase III developer’s release which contains the book “advanced programmer’s guide”. This book has an empty floppy disk sleeve (branded Ashton Tate) and I’m looking for the image of this floppy. I don’t know if this floppy was especially provided with the dBase III developer’s release or if it was standard with the book.


  • Yea, trying to find old book disks is a real pain.

    Have a look at the old book resellers. Find the books that are marked as Very Good or better. Then drop them an email or call them saying that you will buy the book if the disk is in it.

    I have made a lot of purchases, not realising the disk was missing, because I was buying a cheap book.

    Usually if you look for a file from the book, like datetest.A86, it can help to find things. I just tried but couldn't find anything.

    If you do get the disk, please image it and put it up on Internet Archive.
  • Thanks for the advices
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