[Offer] dBase II v2.3d for Dos (SCP, IMG) [5.25]

This is a very early version of dBase, unfortunately it's not from orginal disks but copies. I don't know if the copy was modified or not, maybe someone here can make a check.

There is a demo version also.



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    I noticed that it was wrongly published as "dBase II 2.3D for DOS Demonstration (5.25-160k)"

    It's the full version, which also contains a demo disk.

    I copied those disks a long time ago from original disks, so I'm confident the content is original (unless someone noticed that files were modified).

    I wonder which is the earliest version
  • Ok, I thought that "d" meant demo.

    I quick look around and I found this list from an old usenet post:

    Version\build history, maintenance releases

    To obtain the version and build number use the following command:

    NOTE: You can use any number inside of VERSION() to return build number.

    dBASE II
    2.02 1980 First vers - 8 bit
    2.3 Jan 82
    2.3a Jun 82
    2.3b Aug 82 First 16 bit (quite buggy)
    2.3c Internal release only
    2.3d STABLE 16 bit version
    2.4 Apr 83
    2.41 Feb 84
    2.43 Jan 85
    2.43* Jun 85 *ONLY* version to utilize DOS 3.x

    1.0 Jun 84 Copy protected
    1.1 Nov 84
    1.2 Oct 85

    1.0 x77 Dec 85
    x95c May 86
    2.0 x100 Jul 86 NO Copy protection
    x102 Jan 87

    dBASE IV
    *- DOS
    1.0 x322 Oct 88
    1.1 x500 Jul 90
    x507 See NOTE 1 below
    x509 See NOTE 2 below
    1.5 x67 Mar 92
    x69 See NOTE 3 below
    x71 See NOTE 4 below
    2.0 x54 Mar 93 See NOTE 5 below
    x16 Jan 94 Fixes problems with ERROR 1000's and MEMO corruption
    x17 Aug 94 Certified with Netware VLMs
    *- High End
    1.1 x500bb Jun 91 Sun 4/SPARC/IPC
    x500bc "
    x500bb Jun 91 Sun 3
    x500az " Intel 386
    x500bc "
    x500bb Jun 91 AIX
    x500bc " VMS
    2.0 x69 Jan 94 Solaris 1.x ( Sun OS 4.x )
    Solaris 2.x ( Sun OS 5.x )
    Solaris 2.x ( x86 Sun OS 5.x )
    Intel 386 ( SVR3 )
    Intel 386 ( Unixware, SVR4 )
    x71 Mar 94 AIX ( RS6000 )
    x73 Aug 94 VMS

    dBASE Compiler
    1.0 x55 Mar 93
    2.0 x12 Oct 93 Includes fixes in dBASE IV v2.0 x16 above (not x17 i.e.
    not VLM compatible, dB5D exe's are compatible). It's also a new version
    that contain new features not in the V1.0 product: -32-bit generation
    - Auto compiling and linking
    - Smaller .EXE size
    - Menu driver user interface
    - Linker can produce combined .DBO output
    - Linker can produce a .MAP file
    - Compiler supports alternate date formats
    - Support for wild-card character in file names
    used with command-line switches.

    dBASE 5 for DOS
    1.0 x46 Jun 94
    x58 Aug 94 Lots of small fixes. If you have x46 it is recommended you
    get this.

    dBASE 5 for WINDOWS
    1.0 x343 Aug 94
    x369 Oct 94 ODBC socket upgrade. Certified on WFWG.

    Visual dBASE 5.5
    5.5 b673 Jul 95
    5.5a b689
    5.6 b698 Jan 98

    Visual dBASE 7
    7.0 b1345 Dec 97 Full 32 bit version for Win 95/NT
    7.01 b1419 Mar 98
  • Interesting list (but discouraging when you are a collector, so many missing versions :) )
    They don’t mention on which OS they run, I suppose the earliest ones ran on cp/m. I found a mention of 2.3b for Dos.
  • My understanding is it originated on 8080/Z80 CP/M-80. The binary would have been mostly generic but hardware OEMs would have provided their own distributions.

    At some point, probably after or at the same time as being ported to DOS, it was also made available for 16-bit CP/M-86.

    A "Beta test copy" of dBASE II 2.4x56A for MPM was seen on eBay recently.
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