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  • I think that we should try to just be the best site/board, not the best Google'd result for our name. Trying to achive the latter tends to lead to shortsighted actions and idea, like Googlebombing and trying any manner of other things in order to falsely inflate our standing. Google, for good reason, constantly recasts their rank algorithms to ensure that people who try to jump out of line to get ahead invariably end up farther back then when they started. Trying to acheive the former can only be for the good of the site, the board, it's members, the ABW community, and the computing community as a whole.

  • Q has a point there, lets not get to cocky just cuase were on google
  • yeh cause, who would search for winboards. they would most likley search for "free abandonware" or something like that.
  • Good point. We need to stay on task here.
  • Exactly. In order to strive to be the best abandonware site, we should therefore focus our activities solely to abandonware (and stop other unrelated activities).

    Other unrelated activity, like parodying Maniasoft, in my opinion, should be stopped.

    Parodying Maniasoft had resulted in wasted time and money. Also, since we start parodying Maniasoft, WinWorld seemed to be rather neglected (less updates compared to before). Beside, their software doesn't fit abandonware definition: it is still sold (yet it is very bad).

    Do you think this unrelated (and counterproductive) activity shall be continued?
  • Who the hell are you anyway?
  • LOL, We've been trying to figure that out for a llong time
  • The Maniasoft parody thing is sortof a part time job. We do it when we feel like it. The real reason for the slowdown is the forumn is active and requires more constant policing and posting (I'm NOT advocating dropping the foumn).

    Other things that were interfeering, like the Email, were dropped a while ago.

    As to who you are, that's your buissiness.

  • the best gooogle prank still works use i'm feeling lucky on "french military vitories" and it'll say did you mean french military defeats
    Cool eh thank ablino black sheep
  • Q wrote:
    Other things that were interfeering, like the Email, were dropped a while ago.

  • yeah winworld e-mail
  • Oh. Yea. Wondered why nothing ever came of that when I signed up for it.

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